Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Lakeway

What to Expect When Giving Birth Here


Address: 100 Medical Pkwy, Lakeway, TX 78738

Phone: (512) 654-5000

Leapfrog Ratings - Hospital Maternity Ratings

  • This hospital's rate of Cesarean sections is 22.2%
  • This hospital's rate of early elective deliveries is 0.0%
  • This hospital's rate of episiotomies is 4.0
  • This hospital's rate of screening newborns for jaundice before discharge is 100.0%
  • This hospital's rate of preventing blood clots in women undergoing cesarean section is 100.0%           
  • This hospital does not have certified nurse-midwives and/or certified midwives deliver newborns.     
  • This hospital allows patients to bring in their own doulas.     
  • This hospital offers lactation services in the hospital.   
  • This hospital does offer vaginal delivery after cesarean section (VBAC).     
  • This hospital does offer tubal ligation during the labor and delivery admission.

This particular Baylor Scott & White Medical Center is located in Lakeway, TX and offers their maternity patients a boutique birth experience!  This medical center has received ‘Texas Ten Step Program’ designation from the Texas Department of State Health Services for improving the health of newborns and infants. The Texas Ten Step Program encourages breastfeeding as the preferred method of feeding for newborns and infants, and this Medical Center provides information and tools to support new mothers and their decision to breastfeed.

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Baylor Scott & White Lakeway’s maternity department offers 6 private Labor & Delivery rooms, 18 Postpartum beds, and 2 Surgical Suites. It is a secured unit for your safety and the safety of your newborn baby.  And the maternity floor allows 24-hour visitation while you are in Labor & Delivery!

Their Birthing Suites offer:

  • Plenty of room for your partner to stay with you and baby in their large suites
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Phone and cable TV
  • Wi-Fi access available

Baylor Scott & White Lakeway’s website provides a Welcome Video as well as a photo slideshow of their birthing suites, postpartum suites, and other parts of the Hospital!  On their website you can sign up for childbirth educations classes, breastfeeding classes, and baby safety classes, such as ‘Infant CPR’, ‘Newborn Care’, and ‘Car Seat Safety’.  You can also find helpful resources and frequently asked questions!   

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Placenta Encapsulation is the process in which your placenta is used to make an easy-to-take daily supplement that can help you have a better postpartum recovery!  The most common reported benefits include:

  • Boost in energy
  • Reduced risk of developing postpartum depression
  • Healthy milk supply
  • Less postpartum bleeding
  • Faster healing/recovery
  • Less post-surgical and postpartum pain 

In the state of Texas, you are allowed to keep your placenta in most cases, but certain circumstances can require that the placenta go to Pathology for testing.  Read more about what to do if this happens here: Know Your Placenta Rights in a Hospital Setting

The specific placenta protocol for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Lakeway is:

  1. Notify your L&D Nurses of your plans to keep your placenta
  2. Bring a cooler (the hospital will provide ice)
  3. Sign the Hospital’s Consent/Release Form
  4. Placenta must leave the Hospital as soon as possible (if they force you to remove the placenta from the premises before your Specialist can arrive for pick-up, then keep it stored in your car, checking on it periodically for ice replenishment if needed)

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Reading through Google reviews and what local moms have to say in Lakeway Facebook groups, it is clear that this Hospital provides excellent care on a consistent basis!  When reading through reviews I noticed conflicting statements about Baylor Scott & White Lakeway having a NICU.  After digging a little deeper it seems that this Medical Center previously had a NICU, but no longer offers one.  Although there is an overwhelming number of positive reviews for this Hospital and their staff, disappointment was consistently expressed over the fact that they no longer offer a NICU. Do your research and never be afraid to advocate for yourself!

Positive Reviews: 

2024: “Spent 5 days at their maternity ward and I was the most pampered mama in the whole world. Dr Noreikaite and Dr Barbara were excellent, always attentive to my needs. They did all in their power for me to have a nice labor and walked me through every step of the way, kept me and my husband well informed about my progress and all. The nurses are more than great. Huge thank you to all of them for taking care of us, because they didn’t only care about me as a patient but also my baby and husband. Made sure all our needs were met and kept a close eye on dad’s wellbeing too. Love the fact they let you keep the baby with you at all times and yet if needed they will take baby for a bit if you need a rest. That gave me peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to use their services for maternity care”

2023: “Love BSWL and Dr. Romberg. I'm high risk and delivered both my kiddos there (one 6 weeks ago). Cannot say enough good things about the entire staff and Drs. The nurses in L&D are AMAZING!”

2023: “I had a C-section at BSW Lakeway this summer. The staff was incredible and very attentive during recovery. I stayed 2 nights and wish I had opted to stay a third because they were so helpful.”

2023: “Labor and Delivery did an excellent job for both of our son's.”

2023: “BSW Lakeway is wonderful! We had a great experience with our first in January.”

2023: “The entire staff at BSW Lakeway was incredible during my pregnancy/delivery (April of this year) and their facilities are comfy and spacious. I did not have a c-section but this was my second delivery and I had a much better experience here than with my first. I would recommend their facility/staff to anyone!”

2023: “BSW Lakeway is incredible. After just having had my second baby 4 days ago at a different hospital I can’t express how NICE Lakeway is! It was great and I was missing it the whole time I was at this other hospital this past week.”

2023: “I just delivered baby at BSWL 6 days ago. Nurses are amazing. However, they DO NOT have a NICU”

2023: “We went through the full process of having our first baby here, from the routine OBGYN to the delivery room. Could not have asked for a better team. Our OBGYN, Dr. Vokes, was very helpful every step of the way in walking us through the stages of pregnancy & helping with any questions or concerns. In August 2022, we met the staff for the delivery room. Wonderful, knowledgeable team here who above & beyond to help you in every way possible. The delivery rooms/maternity ward were great too, felt like we were staying in an apartment with all of the space & the large bathroom. You will be in great hands here.”

2022: “This is specific to the Labor and Delivery department. I sincerely cannot provide enough praise for the women that work there and who were by my side throughout my delivery. ALL, and I mean ALL, of the L&D nurses that worked during my stay were absolutely incredible - from attitude, bedside manner and just overall sharing of knowledge and information. Thank you to you all. The room I stayed in was pretty incredible too. I was able to get the corner room with plenty of windows to let in natural sunlight and be able to look outside when I wanted to. It was all overly spacious and I was able to stay there throughout my labor, delivery and through discharge - but I also understand that when I was there there weren’t many moms on the maternity floor and the room wasn’t needed. Hospital bed is as comfortable as a hospital bed can be but the nurses there will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible. And a huge shout to my OB Dr. Vokes, another incredible doctor and with the combination of her and her team I truly had a great L&D experience.”

2022: “Cannot say enough about how great the labor and delivery doctors, nurses and specialists did for my family during my stay. Thank you!”

2022: “Love Dr. Vokes at BSW Lakeway. I’ve had two c-sections there. Once with Walker (now retired) and the second with Vokes. Vokes did an amazing job and even fixed my two c-section scars from before. The nurses at BSW are top notch. They treat you so well and are so knowledgeable.”

2021: “I had an emergency c-section at BSWL in June of 2021 and couldn’t say a negative thing about my experience. The entire staff was amazing, the rooms were big and comfortable (for a hospital) I felt like I could trust my dr and nurses. I have since moved out towards cedar park but make the trip to see Romberg at the bsw in lake way and will have my next baby there by c section in late January of 2024.”

2020: “We had our son here and it was a great experience. This was my first child and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff to take care of us. I ended up having to get a C-section and everyone involved made the process a lot less scary. I was talked through the entire process and my husband was able to be with our son while they were doing his assessment. All of the nurses were so nice and made sure that all of us were taken care of. The nurses really encouraged us and helped us feel confident in our parenting skills. The labor and delivery team is amazing!”

2019: “I went in for my regular 34-week checkup at my doctor’s office across the street and I had high blood pressure that seemed serious so my OBGYN sent me to L&D in the hospital for observation. No big deal at the time until my blood pressure wouldn't go down so they admitted me. This was the start of my 3-week stay at the hospital. Baby came early and was admitted to the NICU for 3 weeks. Let me start by talking about Labor & Delivery. I've worked in healthcare most of my life and have always bragged about each department and what sets them apart from other hospitals. I cannot even put into words the experience I had with the L&D staff members. They treated me like family and went above and beyond my whole stay. I had NO idea what they actually do for labor patients but it’s beyond any bedside care I have ever experienced! I could go on for days about how wonderful that experience was. The NICU staff were also amazing. They became part of the family and truly loved my son like he was their own. I've never been so educated in a short amount of time either. taking care of a preemie just isn't the same as a newborn, but they went the extra mile to make sure I knew what I was doing and felt comfortable with everything. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would need the NICU but feel extremely blessed that we had the NICU in our time of need. I HIGHLY recommend this facility to deliver your precious babies. I will have all my babies here because of my experience.”

Negative Reviews:

2020: “Big no - Baylor Scott and White Lakeway. I had a horrible experience with Dr Romberg.”

2021: “I had a horrible experience about 2 years ago at BSWL. I would recommend you do research and find a good OBGYN first with reviews and top OBGYNs lists of the Austin area.”

2021: “I had my daughter here on April 18th 2021 and had a very traumatic experience. I will say the nursing staff was amazingly thoughtful and helpful but their policies were BS. They put a heavy security alarm on her umbilical cord and it feel off after 3 days! My rights were violated more than once and I was robbed of what should’ve been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I still have yet to receive results from multiple tests that were done on her and getting my medical records was way harder than it should’ve been. I would’ve been better off giving birth unassisted at home. And HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to any other hospital to deliver if at all possible.”

2021: “It was my first pregnancy and my provider was with Baylor Scott and White Lakeway and I developed preeclampsia at 31 weeks and had to transfer to deliver early at a different hospital (Saint David’s main) because they don’t have a NICU.”

2020: “If you expect to be treated like a human being with any sense of dignity, I wouldn't recommend seeking this hospital for treatment. Went in for a prenatal ultrasound with my year and a half old daughter with me. I'm 9 months pregnant. I was told my daughter wasn't allowed to be in the building as they don't allow children under 16 inside the hospital. I was quite perplexed, and asked how that could be possible as clearly they do labor and delivery, and questioned how it would be any different once my son was delivered. I was not at all aggressive or combative just in disbelief. They called security on me and two officers followed me out to my vehicle. I left without the ultrasound being performed.”