Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Hillcrest

What to Expect When Giving Birth Here


Address: 100 Hillcrest Medical Blvd, Waco, TX 76712

Phone: (254) 202-2000

Leapfrog Ratings - Hospital Maternity Ratings

  • This hospital's rate of Cesarean sections is 30.1%
  • This hospital's rate of early elective deliveries is 0.0%
  • This hospital's rate of episiotomies is 5.8%
  • This hospital's rate of screening newborns for jaundice before discharge is 100.0%
  • This hospital's rate of preventing blood clots in women undergoing cesarean section is 100.0%           
  • This hospital does not have certified nurse-midwives and/or certified midwives deliver newborns.     
  • This hospital does allow patients to bring their own doula.
  • This hospital offers lactation services in the hospital and as outpatient services.     
  • This hospital does offer vaginal delivery after cesarean section (VBAC).     
  • This hospital does offer tubal ligation during the labor and delivery admission.


Pregnant moms arriving to deliver a baby at this Medical Center should avoid using the Hospital's Main Entrance, and instead, come in through the Women's and Children's Center Lobby Entrance. This Hospital also provides safe, efficient ground and air transportation for mother and baby from other Hospitals with high-risk births or complications.

This particular Baylor Scott & White Medical Center is located in Hillcrest, TX and is the only Hospital in the Waco area that offers Level III NICU services! The Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Waco at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest is staffed by specialized nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatologists and many other skilled healthcare professionals. Their 30-bed NICU is designed to promote optimal developmental care for sick infants and the resources and support you need during your child’s stay.   

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In addition, the Texas Department of State Health Services has designated Baylor Scott & White - Hillcrest a Level III Maternal Care Center, making them the only high-risk maternal facility for the Waco area. They have a team of medical and maternal subspecialists, in addition to behavioral health experts, available for around-the-clock support!  

Their specialized services include:

  • A highly-trained medical team to perform major surgery for mothers
  • An ICU with critical care capabilities for maternal patients
  • Genetic diagnosis and counseling for genetic disorders
  • Continuously available certified lactation consultant
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist services with expertise in maternal nutrition
  • High-risk patient care
  • Continued education

Their medical staff go through advanced simulation drills and practices to prepare for all birthing situations, helping to lower poor maternal outcomes. They also follow guidelines and protocols developed to reduce the risk of preventable maternal morbidity and mortality, spanning prevention, early diagnosis, therapy, stabilization and transfer. 

Baylor Scott & White - Hillcrest is proudly partnered with ‘Breastfeeding Success’ to provide breastfeeding support to all of their new mothers. ‘Breastfeeding Success’ is a comprehensive program that supports families during pregnancy, after birth, and beyond. They offer breastfeeding classes and virtual support groups that teach practical skills before the big day. Once your baby is born, the ‘Breastfeeding Success’ team of internationally board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) will make a visit to assess you and your baby’s needs, provide education, and understand your feeding goals. They will help you with all lactation needs including obtaining a comfortable latch, ensuring that your baby is feeding well, and helping with hand expression or pumping to get you off to the best start possible. After you return home, ‘Breastfeeding Success’ continues their support by offering consults at their clinic locations, in-home visits, and even virtual visits! ‘Breastfeeding Success’ is Central Texas’ largest provider of lactation care and parent education classes and, best of all, their services are in-network with most major insurers!  Regardless of how you decide to feed your baby, Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest, in partnership with ‘Breastfeeding Success’, are honored to support any parent with breastfeeding and chest-feeding strategies as well as judgment-free support for bottle-feeding and pumping parents. 

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Providing outstanding Placenta Services to Bastrop County & all of Central Texas!

The Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest website offers a fantastic photo slideshow of their Labor & Delivery suites, Postpartum rooms, Women’s Center entrance, NICU, and other parts of the Hospital! 

You can request an in-person maternity tour by sending an email to: 

On their website you can also sign up for a variety classes, including childbirth education, breastfeeding education, and newborn care.  You can also find pregnancy and new parent support groups, as well as helpful resources, such as frequently asked questions and Videos, in English & Spanish, about the maternity Services here. 

You can sign up to receive a free ‘Pregnancy Planning Checklist’ here

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Baylor Scott & White – Hillcrest is located outside of ‘Tree of Life’s’ FREE travel radius, but we do offer 3 convenient options: 

  1. Have your partner or a close friend or family member meet your Placenta Specialist at the 60-mile mark
  2. Pay a “travel fee” for your Placenta Specialist to travel to you
  3. Pay to have your placenta shipped to us overnight and to have your products shipped back to you.

Placenta Encapsulation is the process in which your placenta is used to make an easy-to-take daily supplement that can help you have a better postpartum recovery!  The most common reported benefits include:

  • Boost in energy
  • Reduced risk of developing postpartum depression
  • Healthy milk supply
  • Less postpartum bleeding
  • Faster healing/recovery
  • Less post-surgical and postpartum pain 

In the state of Texas, you are allowed to keep your placenta in most cases, but certain circumstances can require that the placenta go to Pathology for testing. Read more about what to do if this happens here: Know Your Placenta Rights in a Hospital Setting

The specific placenta protocol for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Hillcrest is:

  1. Notify your L&D Nurses of your plans to keep your placenta
  2. Bring a cooler (the hospital will provide ice)
  3. Sign the Hospital’s Consent/Release Form
  4. Placenta must leave the Hospital within 1 hour of delivery (if they force you to remove the placenta from the premises before your Specialist can arrive for pick-up, then keep it stored in your car, checking on it periodically for ice replenishment if needed)

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There are a few labor and delivery Google reviews for this specific Hospital, with more recent reviews being good rather than bad.  Searching local Waco Facebook pages for other mom’s experiences at this Hospital would be the best way to get some more feedback.  Do your research and never be afraid to advocate for yourself!  

Positive Reviews: 

2023: “I just have to say we were treated as if we were celebrities!!! The labor and delivery unit was beyond attentive to our daughter who was 27 wks. when we arrived! Answered questions and listened closely. Dr Smith and her crew gave me peace when our heart was unsettled! The nurses Andy and Alexia were just Amazing! But Mrs. Erika, you became family and we will truly miss you! She was such an advocate for our daughter after laboring for 7 days! 

2023: “We go to Hillcrest for all of our care, but I wanted to leave a review about my 2nd birthing experience here. It was just as smooth as the first. I love Dr Patterson and the care she gives through the whole pregnancy. I switched to her from a different provider in my first pregnancy and there was no question she would be my doctor for the 2nd. She explains everything thoroughly and never treated me like I was ignorant. I also want to say how amazing our nurses were in recovery! 3 in particular, Renee, Kenzie and Michelle. They were very personable and easy to talk to. They didn’t act like I bugged them with questions or anytime I buzzed the nurse’s station. Renee had such a great sense of humor! They were our favorites! My L&D nurses Ashleigh and Erika were awesome too! They had such great compassion through the pain, and showed us great hospitality. Ashleigh was very welcoming when we came in and explained everything to a T. I love Hillcrest, they made the labor/delivery, and recovery process go so smooth both times I’ve been there. 10/10 recommend!”

2022: “The labor and delivery team were the best, the aftercare was the best, and let’s not forget anesthesia! Thank you all for walking with me through and being encouraging and caring for me and my baby. I'm so grateful!!! ❤”

2021: “My recent experience with this center has been nothing but pleasant. My situation was painful and unpleasant but the staff made it, not only bearable, but easy to get through with their kindness. I was moved from the emergency wing to the labor and delivery and my two nurses Brittney and Tyler were outstanding. They went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable when I got out of surgery and were super sweet to me even though I was a smidge cranky when I was waking up from anesthesia, they stayed patient, immersed, and super kind with me. The Doctor who performed the surgery was also very thorough and kind when he was explaining how he was going to perform it. The anesthesiologist explained his side in his process of doing things very thoroughly with kindness and it made it way more comforting and calmed my nerves. I highly recommend this place over anywhere in Waco.”

2020: “The Women’s and Children’s wing is incredible. Dr Bauchofen is a fantastic OB. Nurses in both labor and postpartum are top tier quality. We’ve never been cared for so intentionally.”

Negative Reviews:

2023: “I'm three months postpartum now and my birth experience is still with me. The good and bad!   I've given birth here twice, both cesareans. My first experience was amazing. My second, three months ago, not as smooth. I had 2 terrible nurses. This review is mainly for one specific nurse though. She was dry humored, rude, and frankly dehumanizing if I can think of a word that really comes to mind. Aside from denying me a clean pair of socks and rolling her eyes at me when asked for them (I was on the operating table freezing from my spinal block) I also feel that she damaged my urethra with the catheter. She was "newish" and I could tell so I asked politely if the other nurse could cath me for surgery. She said no. I'm three months postpartum and I STILL hurt with zero answers from any doctor. I wish I could provide her name but I can't remember it. This was on November 14th 2023. My second bad experience was my nurse that denied me pain meds and ALSO a heating pack, after she admitted that a shift change altered the time that my last dose of pain meds was given. I was about 8 hours post op, in terrible pain and it was ordered that my pain medication continue through the night. When the shift change happened, I was treated like trash and the nurse would not even get me a damn heating pack. The stars I did give here are for Jennifer, in labor and delivery. I've had her both times I delivered and she's the best Hillcrest has. She needs ten Stars and a raise. Please let her train the new nurses, they really need adequate training.”

2023: “Walked into Labor and Delivery this morning and stopped by information. I stood there for a minute or two before she looked up from her phone to ask if she could help me. Well, obviously I'd I'm standing at your desk I require assistance if you could get out of your phone long enough to do your job.”

2019: “The lady for pre-register for labor and delivery was awful”